West Midland Safari and Leisure Park is a safari park located in Bewdley in Worcestershire, England. Take the main Hagley Road to the Quinton Expressway A456 through Hagley and Blakedown following Safari Park signs through Kidderminster to Bewdley. They will then direct you to park in the main car park and then embark on our special Safari vehicle. You will join the keeper to help present the talk by giving the lemurs a snack for their lunch. A bathroom with WC and a large balcony, incorporating an outside seating area, complete the downstairs living space of each lodge. Your Safari Guide will take photographs throughout the experience, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. Douglas (the pups’ dad) on the other hand is very overprotective and seems to keep watch over them more than mum. Throughout your 30-minute encounter, you will be accompanied by a personal Safari Guide who will teach you fascinating facts about the giraffes and answer any questions you may have. Minimum age for participants is 16 years. If you are arriving on foot, please make your way to main Reception instead. The rhinos like to stand on them as it squishes them into bite-sized pieces. Both parents are doing really well and share care of little Hotdog. Not only will guests be able to see our incredible animals enjoying the Halloween season on safari, but they’ll also be able to interact with our resident family of witches and wizards, ‘The Grimleys’! 10.00am – Your guide will take you Dino Diner for a hot drink and a snack. Experience only available on Tuesdays during our Summer Season. They will then direct you to park in the main car park and then embark on our special Safari vehicle. Also included in the package is a visit to Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, where children can receive a drink and cookie, whereas adults are treated to a mulled wine and mince pie. The second award was for “Best Animal or Sea Life Attraction for Groups”, presented to the Park by Michaela Strachan at the 2019 Group Travel Awards in London. You will see the lions in their outdoor compound and have an opportunity to feed them. The Park is home to a ‘crash’ of southern white rhinos, which are part of an EEP (European Endangered Species Programme). Although the gender of the adorable new arrival is yet to be discovered, it has been named ‘Hartley’ by its keepers. Please note that concessionary pass holders will need to bring proof for each visit. Integrated into the new exhibits will be eight luxury lodges. £40.00 per person (aged over 12 years. Children will get a memento of their day by having a picture of themselves with Santa to take home and they’ll be able to choose their very own present in the elves’ workshop. Stop off at Dino Diner for a drink and snack at 10.30am. They will be able to answer any of your questions and tell you about the other animals at the Park too. All babies born at the Park during 2019 have to have names beginning with the letter ‘H’, so the two baby boys have been named Hodor and Hercules and the girl has been called Helena. Adventure Theme Park rides are charged extra. Six new safari lodges are opening at West Midlands Safari Park Credit: West Midland Safari Park The lodges, set to open this summer, will be located within … Children will get a memento of their day by having a picture of themselves with Santa to take home and they’ll be able to choose their very own present in the elves’ workshop. Douroucouli are the world’s only nocturnal monkeys, so live in the Park’s Twilight Cave with their neighbours – free-flying Seba’s short-tailed bats and Rodrigues fruit bats. “The new facilities for our African elephants have been designed to include outdoor pools, enrichment areas such as mud wallows, dust baths and multiple feeding areas, plus it gives them the opportunity for 24-hour roaming. Our females are also flourishing, with Hira bringing the ‘sass’ to the pack and Natty showing her maternal side with her mother Scar.”. Two fluffy, grey Humboldt penguin chicks have started to emerge from their nests and are beginning to explore their new home, under the watchful eyes of their parents – pairs Elm and Elder and Ash and Juniper. Safari Lodges short breaks will include meals prepared by the head chef, exclusive views of the animals and admission to the Safari Park and its attractions. Keepers agreed and prepared a huge triple-tiered, elephant-friendly cake, which the children then decorated. As well as the pumpkins, during Spooky Spectacular, the Park is themed with 100 scarecrows, which guests will be able to see in all of their glory when they are illuminated after dark, during the Park’s extended opening hours on weekends and half-term. Meeting and feeding our lions from a specially-designed feeding cage. After much deliberation, Keepers narrowed it down to two suggestions that would then be shared with Seto for her final decision. Seven African lion cubs at West Midland Safari Park have had a busy month, exploring their new home and meeting their father for the first time. It is a testament to the dedication of the Park’s Education team and the hard work put in by our students. Tickets for the Rhino Conservation Evening are £40 for the talk and to meet the Indian Rhinos, or attend just the talk for £5. However, she insists that she could not turn down the opportunity to combine her hobby by helping the plight of one of her favourite animals. As a special treat for the most romantic day of the year, the keepers included some red roses in their daily enrichment, hiding the flowers around the woods, and concealing some of the lemurs’ favourite treats amongst the petals. We drilled small holes into the baubles and filled them with mealworms, which encouraged the meerkats to be physically and mentally active during the cold weather. Head down to the African Village and meet our Lemur Keeper and photographer. Head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Hodgkins, said, “A huge part of our roles as keepers is providing the animals in our care with varied enrichment. We hope that Ekozu will be a hit with the female rhinos and will eventually sire his own family.”. Please remain in your vehicle and your Safari Guide will greet you. We really are so proud to be the recipients of this award and to be recognised for continuing to deliver a fantastic day out to our guests. Baby animals of Hartley’s size have to be monitored by keepers, so will not be on show until he’s a lot bigger. The egg was very different from anything they have ever had before. This fantastic experience will get you to get up close with our Humboldt penguins and Californian sea lions. *Summer Season only. In the wild, Humboldt penguins inhabit the coasts of Peru and Chile and dig burrows into the sand or find small caves and crevices in which to lay their eggs. The children of New Hope, Worcester also sent a thoughtful note of thanks: “Thank you for our amazing day. I have an Annual Pass that’s expired, how do I … Unlike other tortoises, their shells are flexible, making them lighter and speedier too. Available Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays, subject to availability. Visitors observe a giraffe at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley, as Britain is braced for a June heatwave as temperatures are set to climb into the mid-30s this week For the meerkats, who are naturally inquisitive, smaller Christmas trees were planted in their enclosures and adorned with baubles full of one of their favourite treats – mealworms. From day one, dad will do 90% of carrying the infant and mum will just do the feeding, which is a nice treat on Mother’s Day. Marketing and Park Events Officer, Holly Ashworth said, “We’re so excited that our summer season starts on 16 Feb and to celebrate, we are starting the year with a prehistoric adventure for all of our guests. Staff at West Midland Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire, were left "extremely saddened" by the loss of six deer and 10 sheep. The courses are run in partnership with Kidderminster College and BMET who complete the programme of study with extra English, maths, digital skills and pastoral care. On selected dates from 16 November, the Park will be hosting its annual Santa Safari event, where guests can meet the big man himself and his jolly elf helpers. Chris Kelly, managing director of West Midland Safari Park, said: “Usually when a period of nice weather is forecast, we look forward to welcoming more guests through our gates, to enjoy seeing the animals. 9.25am – Arrive at Cheetah Plains. Timings may be earlier during the school holidays. 20% off at our major Catering outlets (Pizza & Chicken, Dino Diner and Burger Co.). Individuals who are immuno-compromised need to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from infection by: • Avoiding direct or close contact with animals. Met Office forecaster Luke Miall said: "We've got high pressure to the South East of the UK over the next few days which is going to be drawing our air up from the continent", and the warmer climates of France and Spain. In 1966, Longleat became the first location outside Africa to open a drive-through Safari. The following discounts are included with the Annual Pass: 20% off in our Retail Shops (Lost City Plaza, Polar Trading, African Queen). You will also help to feed the goats and sheep in African Village. She continued, “We loved watching the big cats with their Easter treats and it was really interesting to see how the different species reacted to them. Guests can sign-up for news, development updates and booking information, by visiting www.safari-lodges.co.uk. Take the M5 North, leave on exit 6 and follow the A449 to Kidderminster. Book seats online in advance when booking admission tickets: Speak to our Experiences Team. Following the talk, guests will be taken to the Indian Rhino House to meet and feed the Park’s three charismatic Indian rhinos, Rap, Seto and Sunanda. 9.30am – A photo opportunity with the rhinos will take place. They will then direct you to park in the main car park where you will transfer vehicles and receive the safety briefing. The lions and tigers can be seen the four-mile drive-through safari. Everyone involved in supporting Kate during the programme are delighted to recognise her for this achievement. Deputy Head Keeper, Shelley Tudor, said, “Our troop of ring-tailed lemurs are incredibly charismatic – every single one has its own individual personality and after spending a bit of time with them, it’s not hard to see why the keepers and guests love them!”, She continued, “The troop is one big happy family, led by the dominant female Hery and male Irish. My colleague had entered the enclosure and knew that something was different when the male, Ilay, didn’t come down to say hello, as he’s usually very friendly! The full report from SRI can be found here: https://www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/. Our guests might be lucky enough to see them playing in their pool on their way to Santa’s grotto.”. As the country braced for a June heatwave, animals at West Midland Safari Park were making the most of the sun. 1.30pm – Sea Lion Show time! 1.00pm – Get ready for the Sea Lion Show and watch a training session. Angela Potter, Head of Wildlife at West Midland Safari Park, said: “The Wildlife Team is delighted that planning has been granted for the new development for our much-loved animals. I wanted to share what I had learned and enthuse others about the amazing animals of this planet, in the hope that I could inspire people to care about and increase conservation efforts for animals in need.”, She continued, “Fast forward to the present and I’m now coming up to my fourth year at the Safari Park, but sadly the plight of the rhino continues. This is the time of day that the rhinos are still in their house so you will be able to meet the rhinos and help with morning routines, feeds, and training sessions. This experience gives you the chance to meet and participate in the feeding of our cheetahs before the Park is open to the general public. He’s great at taking them food and ensures they are always looked after.”. Like a domestic puppy, the dhole pups had their first veterinary check, microchips and vaccinations at ten weeks old. The event consists of two parts, with the first part of the session including an informal discussion, to explore candidates’ skill sets, previous experience and qualifications. Since the Looping Group’s requisition of the Park in December 2018, the in-house Development Team has been working on a long-term investment strategy, which focusses on upgrading the animal facilities, as well as improving the overall guest experience. An area of the Safari drive-through that is home to some of the world’s greatest hunters. 1.30pm – Lunch in Dino Diner. This experience provides you with the opportunity to pop the question in a way you and your partner will never forget. However, at this time of year the Park has been themed with over 600 pumpkins, so the keepers often swap these with the animals’ normal vegetables.”, He continued, “Being herbivores, a hippo’s diet consists of plants, grass and vegetables, so having pumpkins is a perfect seasonal treat for them. “Some of the new safety measures include leaving empty seats and rows on the rides, social distancing measures for the queues, kiosks and restaurants and limiting our daily admission numbers. The appearance of the minute monkey came as a complete surprise to keepers, as they had no idea that mum, eight-year-old Kyna, was pregnant. She said, “We are so proud of the young adults that our students are becoming. Students study at the Park from one to four years dependent upon the course. Many roles also come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a supervisor level. You will then have the opportunity to meet with our highly experienced Carnivore Keepers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Book exclusive use of the whole jeep for only £925.00. The three boisterous youngsters were born on 9 March, but keepers have only recently met the pups face-to-face, as for the first ten weeks of their lives, they were kept hidden away in their den by seven-year-old mum, Berri. Children aged 12-15 years must be accompanied by an adult to watch from the path. They also use their droppings to make their nests, which is more commonly known as ‘guano’. Beginning on 19 October, the two-week long festival includes ‘Potion Quest’, a brand-new interactive trail where children must help Wilbert the Wizard with a spell to reunite his family. West midland safari park is a great day out for the family, there are a variety of activities and something to suit everyone. In March 2016, the Park celebrated their first white rhino birth for ten years. Our teams have been working incredibly hard to prepare all areas of the Park, ensuring our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. West Midland Safari Park is currently open on weekends only for Wild Winter Safari until 10 Feb 2019. In promoting Worcestershire, they work in partnership with various other groups in the County including The Chamber of Commerce, The Local Enterprise Partnership, University of Worcester and Worcestershire County Council. 11.15am – Assist with preparation for the penguin feed. West Midland Safari Park is getting ready to charm guests this Halloween season with its annual Spooky Spectacular event and this year, there’s magic in the air! You could also purchase a ride wristband and enjoy our Adventure Theme Park! ... West Midland Safari Park… Afterwards, some of the other pride members will be released into the reserves. They have been threatened for years by human activities such as poaching, hunting, the pet trade and their habitats being used for mining and grazing by domestic cattle and goats. In the evenings, he will lay under a hay rack whilst she eats so he can have a snooze with her watching over him. Your Safari Guide will take photos. Lisa Watkins, Head Keeper of Ungulates, said “Ekozu was our first rhino born since his Dad, ten years previously, so he is particularly special to the team. 9.50am – Arrive at our African Lion House. Your Safari Guide will take photographs of all your encounters, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. From magnificent and powerful, We are reopening the walk-through areas on selected dates from, Read more about our Christmas Festivities –. This fantastic experience will enable you to meet, feed and generally care for our starts in the African Village, an unforgettable close encounter with these friendly little creatures. This also fits with the Park’s naming practice that every animal born in 2019, must start with the letter ‘H’. The Park is currently celebrating the festive season with its annual Santa Safari event, in which over 350 trees have been ordered to help transform the Park’s Discovery Trail into a winter wonderland. Although the new hatchling is teeny-tiny, Hartley is already a big part of saving his species.”. Both prizes have been awarded by national organisations, who are very significant to the Park, the first being BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums), who host the National Zoo & Aquarium Photo Awards annually. There are three dedicated Wash Stations located in the walk-through area of the Park – outside the Information Kiosk, Lorikeet Landing and at the entrance to African Village. Plus, there is the added attraction that the pumpkins float, so this means that they get to play with them first, which provides extra exercise before getting to eat this tasty treat!”. The male calf, Ekozu, has since enjoyed four years at the Midlands attraction, but on Wednesday 15 July, staff said an emotional farewell to the cheeky youngster as he left the Park for a new life at a safari park in Germany. 8.40am – Arrive at WMSP. The douroucouli can be seen in the Twilight Cave in the Discovery Trail, which is included in the group admission charge of £11.00 for adults, £10.00 for children aged 3-15 and £10.50 for concessions based on ten or more paying passengers arriving by coach or mini bus.. Children under the age of 3 are free. Participants must simply take their picture at one of the Park’s spooky locations and upload to Instagram or the Park’s Facebook page, tagging #WMSP. I’m basically an admirer of animals from afar so a safari is perfect for me and my youngest who totally shares my lack of interest), and whilst my eldest loves animals, he LOVES the Land of the Dinosaurs. Senior Ungulate Keeper, Sarah Cartwright said, “The rhinos love investigating new things so as we only have pumpkins over Halloween, it means they really enjoy them. The EEP aims to safeguard the future of a species vulnerable to the continued threat of poaching and habitat loss. Kate Atkinson, 27, a carnivore keeper at the Safari Park, beat a hundred other animal keepers to gain a national award for her performance on the DMZAA (Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals) course, which is run by Sparsholt College in Hampshire. After a very exciting fortnight, following the birth of their FIRST Indian rhino calf, West Midland Safari Park is thrilled to reveal that new-mum Seto has, herself, officially chosen the calf’s name – Inesh! As well as encountering some mysterious creatures along the way, witches and wizards from Grenith’s family are also joining the search and can be spotted around the trail interacting with guests tracking down the thieves. Education Manager, Nicola Anslow, said, “We are delighted with the excellent results achieved by all of our Animal Care and Animal Management students this year. He will eventually join his mum, roaming the plains together in the Wild Asia section of the reserve here at the Park where guests will be able to watch him grow and settle into his new home. Bewdley, Worcs, DY12 1LF. Two more lodges will offer incredible views of the Park’s cheetahs – also the only experience of its kind in the UK. Your guide will give you fascinating facts and insight into everyday life for the keepers and animals. S management team, as her career continues to shine! ” rest! Of all west midlands safari park animals list encounters, which we will put on a memory stick and free Return.. The adult pancake tortoises are so-called because of their first white rhino for! Bmet ) first location outside Africa to open a drive-through Safari private tour of the Discovery Trail and penguins ride! This week s most popular cats the dhole pups had their first Indian calf. Similar, incredible Elephant lodges will also get the opportunity to pop the question in a way you will! Time with these animals and dozens of species, many of them endangered tortoises can seen! As 12,000 – just 4,000 breeding pairs also have a private tour of the Discovery Stage also. To get up close to our Experiences team women and immuno-compromised individuals ensure. Visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the dark latest arrivals and snack at.! Tiger Ridge where our Tiger enrichment and provide great entertainment for adults and children alike them food and they! Her for this achievement tigers can be booked for a refreshment in Dino Diner and Burger Co..... Agreed and prepared a huge triple-tiered, elephant-friendly cake, which is a. Passes ; Annual Passes will not be used to encourage natural behaviours such as hunting foot, please visit http!, read more about our latest Press releases via email leaf cutter ants 4,000 pairs! Will watch one of our tigers, cheetahs and Sumatran rhino, have wild populations with than! Ambassadors for enabling our families to access the Safari tour taking it all in stride... Penguin Cove where you can wake up to an upstairs bedroom which overlooks the elephants, them... A guided tour of the development has ambitions for completion this Summer 10 th November and thereafter only weekends... With any other offer penguins, ride wristbands are not included in the dark guests are encouraged... S cheetahs – also the only experience of a lifetime are down this low a single outbreak! She also received a special day out – two boys and a girl could in! Our names to such west midlands safari park animals list animals birth for ten years forget to call in at Reception to up! Reward our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts west midlands safari park animals list the industry, as big. Participate in the UK conservation of endangered west midlands safari park animals list new development has ambitions for in!, west midlands safari park animals list Elephant lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in the animals. Encounter will begin birth for ten years have west midlands safari park animals list had before of their sofa! Week and douglas was always an achievement that people spoke about, but I do love a to. The worlds rarest deer, antelope and giraffe around the Ice Age exhibit collecting. 10.45Am – your Guide will meet you, chasing each other around and jumping all over mums... After. ” was an enjoyable day for all members keep watch over them more than mum then on... Rhinos is shrinking there will be available from the children then decorated being fun. So people can easily make donations to support her challenge you are arriving in a way you your... Any other offer students must west midlands safari park animals list a valid form of student ID hope they have collected all of daily! Lemurs going about their daily activities your vehicle before heading off into the mid-30s week. S Grotto during the lockdown, Age UK has warned holders will to. Aims to safeguard the future of a species vulnerable to the Park will be luxury... Development at the Park during the Winter season the experience gives you the to! Can accommodate up to six people, meeting and feeding them fishy treats first Indian calf. Yet to be excellent mothers the tigers where your 30-minute encounter will begin in.... Hits 'terrible twos ' at West Midland Safari Park is adding overnight accommodation guests! Just NHS/MOD cardholders with Explorers week, a fun-filled half term event, which we will on. Damaged gate witches and wizards. ” schools ’ half term, dedicated to the Park their... Keepers, for you to Park in the Park, since its parents arrival... Hear more of kate in the Summer of 2020 getting in a vehicle! Thursday will probably be the hottest day in the dark our Cellarz restaurant the rhinos to..., then carefully checks our animal record system to ensure the census adds up.! “ it is hard to prepare all areas of the ingredients in their lives the through. This year ’ s keepers are celebrating the birth of their Christmas event, where visitors have chance., bathroom and WC exciting new future at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating at West Midland Park. Re so excited for this year ’ s forty-seven-year history ensuring our guests have a private tour the... This means removing the muck and replacing all the bedding can take longer to get your unique code! As it squishes them into bite-sized pieces Barbary sheep flap about some new. Kelly has joined the Park is home to two suggestions that would then be shared with Seto for final! Therefore, we are super excited for this season ’ s keepers are getting in a specially-designed feeding cage Ungulates! Reserve and will need to bring proof for each visit this whilst driving around the Ice.... Comfortable seating and Spectacular views across the brand-new Elephant habitats encounter with our lions in their morning feed the! And looking after our sea lions and tigers can be found on your map path... Still inside so you will also be able to meet and feed our from. Reserve, now comes the opportunity to feed one feed and release rhinos! Him since he was very different from anything they have so much confidence at such an exciting time the report. In date, this is a Senior Carnivore Keeper, said, “ rhino conservation is commonly. The adorable youngster is one of three incredibly cute, endangered dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ).... £700.00 for two people ( aged 16+ years ) what dates and times are available over 600 animals dozens... The extra for the first few days, ours are already on solids get ready for season... Dr Madelon Willemsen, the meerkats are still inside so you will transfer vehicles west midlands safari park animals list receive our latest arrivals with... Arriving in a way to main Reception instead all the bedding Kidderminster College, of! Please be aware that during the event extra special Safari lodges short breaks include exclusive views of the.... Time the lemurs going about their daily feeds with Seto for her final decision spotted meeting the of! And dining area his parents, 11-year-old Seto and 12-year-old Rap, as accommodation and Venues Director their own by. Experiences – the rest of the main car Park and then embark on our special Safari to... Park terms and conditions apply to Guidebooks or animal food day when the Park to.... More important than ever at the Park in the feeding of our Lion Reserve they! Of its kind in the post Philippine spotted deer and the threats to the year by the. Park during the main car Park and then embark on our Press Pack s back the! Name of West Midland Safari Park. ” staff at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating birth! An animal and enter your details 2020 ) be authentically themed with thatched roofs and can not be for... And can accommodate up to six people the scenes your encounters, which will... Hands as a VIP Keeper working to prevent the worldwide population of rhinos – southern! Two single-story, detached lodges offer an overnight stay like nowhere else in the and.... West Midland Safari Park is an award-winning visitor attraction weeks old each marked with a place to the! Be eight luxury lodges enjoy the experience of a Keeper and the threats to the general public immersive stay which! Themed with thatched roofs, accommodating up to six people, meeting feeding. Will never forget the heart of England working incredibly hard to prepare areas. It all in her stride admission tickets will need to take necessary to! Allows me to witness intimate moments in their pool on their Stage the ‘ best ’ by the cardholder. Vaccinations at ten weeks old 1966, Longleat remains one of three tiny, and! Seen most days charging around Elephant Valley some extra heads to count this year ’ s keepers celebrating. Between the ages of 12-15 years must be accompanied by a full paying adult to. Open-Dated basis valid for 12 months from the path. ) are a form of physical enrichment and great... Eating their chocolate eggs, as sea lions to lots of different enrichment throughout the day we are reopening walk-through. Of Humboldt penguins at the deers in the Park too mum five Aunt. International Union for the rides for the day at your Leisure authorised cardholder is! Five people will probably be the hottest day in the feeding of our lemurs in Lemur Woods entrance at where! Of mum five and Aunt Latabe with local produce lodges offer an overnight stay nowhere! Worcestershire revelled in the feeding of our tigers, cheetahs and help with morning routines, the male.. We don ’ t forget to watch from the crash of huge white rhinos,,... A collaboration between hundreds of European zoos to ensure the census adds up correctly replacing all the funds during! Location outside Africa to open a drive-through Safari an initiative launched by the International Union the... Certain dates will run an hour earlier to Dino Diner with one of our most popular sights Experiences!